4G SIM Cards & Dongles

4G is the fourth generation of cellular technology and is set to eventually replace 3G internet. The main advantage of 4G internet is that it is up to 10 times faster than 3G internet. This bridges the speed gap between mobile internet and domestic broadband internet speed.

4G SIM Cards

4G SIM cards are SIM cards that support 4G internet. This allows for superior internet speeds on your cellphone, even if you are watching films or downloading hefty files! Most national cellphone networks now offer 4G internet and their 4G coverage is expanding all the time.

Verizon was the first cellphone network to invest in 4G technology and has impressive download speeds of up to 80 Mbps.

AT&T’s 4G coverage reaches 280 million people and markets itself as the most reliable 4G network in the US.

T-Mobile, the smallest of the ‘Big Four’ national cellular networks, was the last to adopt 4G. However, in less than a year it has developed a 4G network similar in size to that of AT&T’s.

4G Dongles

A 4G dongle, also called a modem, is a device that plugs into a USB port of a PC or laptops and, using the signal from cellphone towers, supplies the device with speedy 4G internet access. 4G dongles can be purchased on a pay as you go basis or on a monthly contract. Monthly contracts are more economical than a pay as you go dongle if you plan on using mobile broadband regularly. On the other hand, if you plan on using the internet sparingly, a pay as you go contract will work out better value.

Top 4G Mobile Broadband Contracts

Provider Monthly Cost Data
AT&T $50.00 5 GB
T-Mobile $30.00 5 GB
Verizon $60.00 3 GB
Sprint $50.00 3 GB