4K Televisions

lg 4k  tv

4K televisions are the next type of the televisions. The 4 in the name ‘4K’ signifies that these televisions offer a viewing quality that is four times superior to that of regular Full HD. As a result, 4K televisions have richer images and effortless movement, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience. The first 4K televisions were exclusively available in supersize models such as 65” and 84”. Unfortunately, this meant that they had large price tags to match.

However, more recently, television manufacturers have released smaller, more practical 4K televisions which are more affordable for the mass market.


LG was among the first television companies to bring out a range of televisions that feature 4K displays. LG 4K televisions are equipped with an ULTRA HD IPS panel which allows for consistent colors, even at a wide viewing angle.


Sony was one of the first television companies to invest in 4K technology. Their current line-up of 4K televisions features both supersize and regular size models. A number of Sony televisions sport 4K X-reality PRO processor which enhances the visual quality of images by removing noise and refining the picture.


Quick to spot the potential of 4K display technology, Samsung too have launched a range of 4k television among their lineup is a collection of curved UHD televisions. Samsung 4K televisions have a special UHD Up-scaling feature that upgrades the visual quality of your favourite shows and Blu-rays.