AirPods at a Glance: What You Need to Know

Apple has been an innovator within the world of electronics since the halcyon days of personal computers such as the vaunted Apple II. Of course, they have since ventured into the smartphone market thanks to their iconic iPhone products. It therefore stands to reason that portable accessories such as AirPods are likewise popular amongst consumers. What makes these devices so attractive? What are their main benefits? Are there any drawbacks that you should be aware of? If you are considering a purchase in the near future, answering these questions is important. Let’s take a closer look.

How do AirPods Work?

AirPods are essentially wireless earbuds. They are ergonomically designed in such a manner as to sit snugly within the ear and thanks to a lack of wires, they are considered to be extremely convenient, particularly for those on the go or who enjoy physical activities. The smartphone in question will send a signal to the headphones and in turn, users can enjoy the same levels of acoustic clarity that are normally associated with hard-wired earpieces.

The Benefits of AirPods

The most obvious advantage of Apple AirPods is the simple fact that they will not snag on objects due to the presence of wires. The newest line (the third generation known as AirPods Pro) offers additional features such as active noise cancellation, a transparency setting in order to hear ambient outside noises when desired, a fully customisable fit, and three different ear tip sizes. The fact that the associated anti-noise technology is adjusted an incredible 200 times per second ensures that users will experience a second-to-none sense of acoustic clarity. Other benefits include a durable carrying case, the ability to access Siri and a splash-resistant build.

Are There any Drawbacks?

One of the major sticking points associated with the entire AirPod series is the fact that they can be lost on occasion. This is a rather frustrating situation, as purchasing a new set will be rather costly. Also, let’s not forget to mention that AirPods have only been designed to work with the Apple iOS. This is not the case with system-agnostic wired earbuds. Furthermore, they lack on-ear volume controls and it is not possible to adjust the equalisation.

Are AirPods Worth the Investment?

So, what is the ultimate verdict? Apple AirPods are indeed truly amazing technological innovations. Their wireless nature is also quite impressive in terms of comfort and functionality. Therefore, anyone who is looking for a more streamlined auditory experience could very well be interested in what they have to offer. It is still important to mention that these wireless earbuds are somewhat expensive and naturally, they will not function with third-party operating systems.

If you are a fan of Apple products, there is no doubt that their latest line of AirPods are wort a closer look. Still, they represent a slight investment. If money is no issue, these units could very well be worth a go.