Alcatel Cellphones


Established back in 2004, Alcatel is a popular manufacturer of cellphones. In particular, their OneTouch series has enjoyed much commercial success in the US. The One Touch series consists of a line-up of touchscreen smartphones for affordable prices. Their latest range of cellphones run on Google’s popular Android operating system and can be purchased unlocked from a range of outlets or can be bought as part of a cellphone contract.

Latest Alcatel Cellphones

Alcatel One Touch Evolve

One of Alcatel’s best-selling smartphones to date is the One Touch Evolve. This cellphone is an entry-level Android handset at an attractive price point, making it a strong contender in the budget section of the cellphone market. In terms of design, this offering from Alcatel is very attractive as the Evolve sports a slim, black chassis which is subtly angled. A chrome band runs around the edge of the phone which gives it a sturdy feel in your hand and giving it aesthetic appeal.

The cellphone is powered by a respectable 1GHz ARM processor alongside 512MB of RAM and is running on the Android Jelly Bean OS. While this set up means that the Evolve will not be able to handle some computationally demanding games and applications, it is powerful enough for most basic smartphone users.

On the back of the phone there is a 5MP camera which has a range of features and modes including image burst and 720p video recording. While many budget handsets forego a front-facing camera in order to keep the price cheap, it is great to see that Alcatel have included a VGA quality camera on the front of the handset. While it may not take the best front-facing images, it is still good for video calling!

All in all, if you are looking for a simple smartphone for a low price, you cannot go wrong with the Alcatel One Touch Evolve.

Alcatel One Touch Fierce

While the Evolve caters for those after a simple smartphone, the Fierce is geared towards those who are looking for a cellphone with high-end features at an affordable price.

The phone sports a slim design and has a black front panel and a choice of a slate back panel or a brushed silver back panel. Indeed, for a budget device, this cellphone definitely has a premium edge in the design department. The Alcatel Fierce features a high-resolution display screen, allowing for a more immersive video experience and crisper text.

Beneath the surface, the Fierce runs on Android Jelly Bean OS and features a quad-core 1.2GHz processor which is backed up by a respectable 1 GB of RAM. This allows for speedy use and efficient power consumption. Another great feature of the Fierce is that it is compatible with 4G wireless technology, which allows you to benefit from superior internet speeds.

On the back of the phone you will find a decent 5MP camera with a range of modes and easy sharing capabilities so you can send pictures directly to friends and family or upload to social media. You can also use the camera to shoot HD video. On the front of the cellphone you will find a VGA quality camera which is perfect for video calls!