Apple iPhone 6

Ever since the release of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c last year, there has been plenty of speculation as to what Apple will release next. From ‘Air’ edition iPhones to those of an iPhone with a screen made entirely from sapphire crystal, the staff at Simply Tech have come across plenty of theories! However, all was revealed on the 9th September 2014 when Apple unveiled their new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus, and Watch, their first entry in the burgeoning smart watch market.


  • Great Design
  • New Touch ID features
  • Expensive to buy contract free
  • Contracts are 1 year +
How Much Does It Cost?

The original iPhone 6 is available contract-free from $649 The iPhone 6 Plus costs $749

When Is It Available?

9/12/14: Pre-Order
9/19/14: Buy Online or In-Store

Operating System:

iOS 8

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: what’s the difference?

As the name suggests, the factor that differentiates the iPhone 6 Plus from the iPhone 6 is size. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen whereas the iPhone 6 Plus has a larger 5.5 inch screen. This decision demonstrates that Apple is trying to diversify its product range by entering into the lucrative phablet market, challenging the like of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The only other difference that distinguishes the two handset is that the iPhone 6 Plus’s iSight camera supports Optical Image Stabilization whereas the iPhone 6 does not.

A bold, seamless design

Apart from the iPhone 5c which saw Apple bring in bright colours and plastic casing, Apple never deviates too much from the design of the original iPhone. However, the iPhone 6 sees Apple’s biggest design alteration to date. The iPhone 6 features a strong, glass screen that flawlessly blends into the aluminium casing of the phone. Like the 5s, the iPhone 6 is available in gold, silver and space gray.

Goodbye credit card, hello passbook!

When Apple’s Touch ID debuted on the 5s last year, not only did it highlight how far phone technology could be pushed and started a new trend in premium smartphones, but it got us thinking about the potential applications of this technology. While the powers of Touch ID were previously restricted to locking the phone and authorizing payments within the Apple ecosystem, Apple have now launched Passbook. This new application allows you to link your iPhone 6 with your credit card and using Touch ID and NFC allows you to contactlessly pay for things. This promotes greater security and will make paying for things on the go even easier.

iOS 8

The latest edition of Apple’s popular iOS mobile operating system will be showcased on the iPhone 6. The new operating system will have a number of new features to improve your iPhone experience. To begin Apple have rethought messaging on the iPhone and with the new messaging application, individuals can send more than just text and pictures to each other. Indeed, with the new OS, they can send their location and voice messages. Another great feature in iOS 8 is the new spotlight search feature. When entering a query into the search bar you will receive answers from Wikipedia, trending news, local listing and more!