Business Servers

What is a Business Server?

A business server is a piece of hardware which is associated to a network and is responsible for managing group resources and running server software. While it is possible for individual PCs to perform these actions, a business server is significantly more efficient. This makes them a must-have for businesses which have more than 5 employees.

The Benefits of Business Servers

  • Business servers can help improve the security of your business’s computer systems
  • Servers allow offices to efficiently use shared equipment
  • Business servers can also be used to back up your business’s data
  • Servers permit isolated computers to share information which makes them great for collaborative work

Types of Server

Business servers come in a variety of sizes and styles. However, the three servers that you are most likely to encounter are: tower servers, rack servers and blade servers.

Tower Servers

Tower servers are entry-level servers which look a lot like regular desktop computers and feature similar hardware. This type of server is relatively cheap to buy and very compact, making them great for offices that are restricted for space. Tower servers work best in small companies of 25 or less.

Rack Servers

Rack servers are slim servers which are designed to fit into a 19-inch rack. These servers feature mezzanine slots which allow you to expand the server’s capabilities. Rack servers are versatile pieces of IT kit that work best in small to medium-sized business.

Blade Servers

Blade servers are a more practical option for businesses that require a number of servers. As their name suggests, blade servers are relatively slim pieces of hardware. The individual servers slot into a specially designed chassis and share hardware with the other servers. This resource sharing makes them very efficient.