Canon Cinema Cameras

Canon is often a popular choice for those looking for photography equipment. Their successful range of EOS Cinema cameras is incredibly popular and their lineup consists of three mirrorless cameras and one mirrored camera, the Canon EOS 1D C.

Canon EOS 1DC


Released back in 2012, the Canon EOS 1DC is the company’s first hybrid DSLR which supports both 4K and Full HD imaging. The camera has a compact, light, rugged design which makes it an incredibly versatile device. In addition, the device is fully sealed making it suitable for a variety of challenging environments. As with other cameras in the EOS range, the EOS 1DC has excellent low-light performance which allows you to shoot true color video footage even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Although the camera was built with video in mind, it is capable of taking stunning stills as it has a powerful 18.1MP sensor complete with a burst shot rate of 12fps.

Canon EOS 300


The Canon EOS 300 was the company’s first cinema camera and is a cutting edge device which is perfect for professional use. As it is both compact and durable, the Canon EOS 300 is great for on location footage. The device has a powerful 8.3MP sensor which allows you to shoot footage in stunning Full HD. There is both an EF and a PL version of the camera. Cameras with the PL mount are compatible with a whole range of third-party optics as well as Canon’s new range of cinema lenses. On the other hand, the EF mount can be used with any of Canon’s EF lenses.

Canon EOS C100


As opposed to the EOS 1DC and EOS 300, the Canon EOS C100 is designed for those who need to shoot high-end videos by themselves, such as those making documentaries or independent filmmakers. The Canon EOS C100 is smaller than the C300 by 15% but is still capable of shooting stunning Full HD footage. There are a number of helpful inbuilt optimization features to ensure a professional final product, such as auto white balance adjustment. As well as shooting great visuals, the Canon EOS 100 is superb for recording audio as it has professional-level Dolby technology and a stereo mic.