Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Cloud computing is a broad term that generally refers to using internet-based programs and services as opposed to ones that are stored on your machine’s hard drive. Cloud computing has become a popular practice in business and is especially popular with small businesses and start-ups.

Uses of Cloud Computing

There are a number of ways through which your business can take advantage of cloud computing. The three main uses of cloud computing include: software, data backup and email service.

Software: a number of software manufacturers, such as Adobe, have released cloud-based versions of their software. The great thing about cloud-based software is that you are always working on the most up-to-date version of the program – no need to purchase new editions every year!

Data Backup: data backup services automatically copy the files on your hard drive to a cloud server. This means that you will always have a backup of your data which can save time and money should data become lost or corrupted.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Pay-As-You-Go Options: Many cloud-based programs such as cloud storage and CRM software are paid for on a monthly basis. This makes the latest software more affordable to small businesses and start-ups.

Environmentally Friendly: Cloud computing is better for the environment as by using offsite severs, businesses that use cloud computing use up to a third less energy than those who do not.

Greater Accessibility: Cloud computing means that you can easily access files and programs when not at your work computer. This opens up opportunities for working from home and can boost productivity.

Security: Cloud storage is a helpful service that stores a copy of all your files remotely. This means that should something unfortunate happen to your laptop, you can quickly and easily recover any lost data. This allows for minimum downtime in the case of a disaster.