CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management Software, often abbreviated as CRM software, is a type of business software which aids businesses with their customer relationships.

CRM software allows you to develop a database of contacts and keep a log of marketing attempts that they have received. This can increase efficiency and help you better monitor marketing successes.

CRM software is also great for productivity as it allows you to keep track of projects and campaigns. This makes it a popular type of software for sales departments. Visuals help you see your progress and are a great motivator for employees.

Popular CRM Software


Salesforce has a proven track record of success and is the world leader in CRM technology. Salesforce has an extensive range of CRM software designed to meet the needs of businesses o various sizes. Their most popular software is the ‘Enterprise’ package which, priced at $125.00 per month, falls in the mid-high range of their suite of products. As well as comprehensive sales tracking facilities, this edition of Salesforce software also has options for website integration and app creation.

Microsoft Dynamics

If you are looking for software for your sales or marketing departments, the chances are that you have already come across Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft’s Professional CRM has strengths in campaign organization and reporting. The Professional package costs $65.00 per user, per month. The Enterprise package has a stronger focus on customer care and management, which makes it a more suitable option for marketing professionals. This package is more expensive as it costs $200.00 per user, per month.

How to Choose the Best CRM Software

Make a list of features your business needs: before you start comparing the different CRM software options available, it is a great idea to write a list of what features you would like the CRM software to have. You can then match this list up with CRM software specifications in order to assess how relevant they will be to your business.

Think about scalability: while some CRM software is especially designed for small businesses and does not perform well under heavy usage, other software is scalable which means that it can grow alongside your business. This type of software is better as it saves the stress of switching CRM systems in a few years times when your business outgrows its current software.

Security: as you will be using your CRM software for storing personal information and business intelligence it is of the utmost importance that you choose software with a high-level of security. Always ask your sales provider what backup measures they have in place and where their servers are stored.

Research different companies and products: choose a CRM company that has a strong track record and be sure to read up on reviews and testimonials from their customers as these can highlight any potential pitfalls.