iPad Air 2


The iPad has come a long way since its inception in 2010 and the iPad Air 2 is Apple’s most powerful tablet computer to date. Combining an elegant and lightweight design with maximum power, it is easy to see why the iPad Air 2 is such a sought-after device!



  • iOS 8 is great
  • Excellent design
  • Can buy similar-specced tablets for less
  • Not enough improvements to entice iPad Air users to upgrade
How Much Does It Cost?

From $499

When Is It Available?

October 2014

Operating System:

iOS 8

Slim Design

At a svelte 6.1mm thin, the successor to the original iPad Air is the slimmest tablet that Apple has ever made. Weighing 0.96 pounds, the iPad Air 2 is impossibly lightweight and portable. This
lightweight design makes it comfortable to hold the tablet in one hand and for long period of time.

With previous versions of the iPad, customers could choose from monochrome or silver and gray shades. However, the new iPad Air 2 is available in the same three shades as the Apple’s flagship smartphone: silver, space gray and gold.

iOS 8

Don’t let its slim build fool you, the iPad Air 2 is an incredibly powerful device. The new iPad from Apple is powered by the all-new A8X chip alongside iOS 8. iOS 8 has a number of useful features and applications which make it the best iOS operating system so far. To begin with, Apple has seriously upgraded their Photos application with advanced editing tools and a more organized

iOS 8 also supports QuickType for intuitive and faster typing. In addition, for the first time, the operating system supports third-party keyboards. From old-school classic keyboards to swiping keyboards, there is a keyboard for every writing preference.

Best iPad Display Yet

Not only is the display of the iPad Air 2 slimmer than before, but it also offers a superior viewing experience. Like its predecessor, the iPad Air 2 sports a Retina display with 264ppi resolution. However, unlike the first iPad Air, there are no gaps between the layers which make up the screen of the device. This allows for better contrast and more vivid colors.
The screen of the iPad Air 2 features an antireflective coating which reduces glare by more than 50%. This means that the device can be used comfortably in a range of environments.

Upgraded Cameras

While cameras in tablets are unlikely to get as much use as those featured in cellphones, it is great to see that Apple have dedicated some time to improving the photography capabilities of their iPads. The front-facing FaceTime camera has is the same build as the one feature in the previous iPad Air. However, with a 1.2MP sensor and 720p video, that is certainly not a bad thing!

The main iSight camera sensor has been bumped up to 8MP and features improved camera software. Utilizing the power of the A8X chip, the new iSight camera supports better face-detection and now features burst mode for a series of shots in quick succession.