iPad Mini 3


Alongside the new iPad Air 2, Apple unveiled the iPad Mini 3, their new 7.9-inch iPad Mini which is designed to succeed the popular iPad Mini 2 which hit the shelves last year. While the iPad Mini 3 is great for those who are buying their first tablet or upgrading from a tablet made by a different manufacturer, SimplyTech thinks that there may not be enough changes to justify upgrading from the iPad Mini 2.



  • More color choice
  • TouchID
  • Not much different from iPad Mini 2
  • No processor upgrade
How Much Does It Cost?

From $399

When Is It Available?

October 2014

Operating System:

iOS 8


In terms of design, the iPad Mini 3 is almost identical to its predecessor. Unlike the new iPad Air which is slimmer than its predecessor, the latest iPad Mini has exactly the same dimensions as its forerunner. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Weighing 0.73 pounds and a mere 0.29 inch thick, the iPad Mini 3 is lightweight and portable. In addition, it is great to see that the iPad Mini 3 is available in the gold shade which debuted on 2013’s iPhone 5s.

The iPad Mini 3 also features TouchID, Apple’s intuitive fingerprint scanner. This makes the tablet very secure as it means that you can use your fingerprint to lock the tablet and authorize online purchases. In addition, using your fingerprint is more convenient than having to remember a number of passcodes.

Same Chip

Unfortunately, the iPad Mini 3 does not have the new A8X chip which features in the new iPad Air 2. This is somewhat disappointing for those who are looking to upgrade from the iPad Mini 2. Nevertheless, for first-time tablet buyers, the A7 chip is still a great processor! In addition, the Mini 3 features 64-bit desktop-class architecture which delivers great performance in a more convenient size.

Awesome Cameras

The iPad Mini 3 features the same photography capabilities as its predecessor, but that’s not a bad thing! On the front of the tablet you will find an HD FaceTime camera which captures 1.2MP photographs and can be used to shoot video in stunning 720p HD.

The main camera has a 5MP sensor and a powerful five-element lens for great contrast and reduced noise. As well as great hardware, the camera application on the iPad Mini 3 has a lot to get excited about. Taking advantage of iOS 8, the iPad Mini 3’s iSight camera can be used to take time-lapse photographs and panoramas. In addition, there are great editing facilities allowing you to apply filters to your photos and edit movies to produce an awesome finished product.