iPhone 4s


After the iPhone 4, it was expected that Apple would release the iPhone 5. However, that was not until later. Instead, Apple released the iPhone 4s which builds upon the strengths of its predecessor and throws in some new features. While this phone is several generations behind the latest incarnation of the iPhone, it is still a sought after device. This owes much to the fact that the iPhone 4s can be acquired cheaply on a contract or bought reasonably sim-free, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Apple’s technology without the heavy price tags which accompany the latest iPhones.

In terms of design, the iPhone 4s is identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4s is available in a choice of black or white and both versions of the iPhone 4s have an aluminum band around the edge of the phone which gives it a premium feel and structurally reinforces it. However, following the signal complaints regarding the iPhone 4, Apple has changed its antenna band technology in the iPhone 4s to prevent interference.

The iPhone 4s is powered by Apple’s dual power A5 chip. Though it may not be as speedy as the 64-bit architecture seen in the iPhone 5s, it is still a speedy device that can handle apps, games and browsing with ease. While in the past Apple had a bad reputation for battery life, like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4s boasts excellent battery life and can last up to two days on a single charge.

The iPhone 4s also showcased Apple’s personal assistant, Siri. Using intuitive voice recognition technology that allows you to speak naturally, Siri can be used to perform a range of tasks from setting a reminder to answering a question.

On the back of the phone there is a powerful 8MP camera which captures first-class cell phone photos even in the most challenging environments. This versatility sets the iPhone 4s apart from much its competition. There are great options for creativity too as the iPhone 4s boasts a whole range of built-in image editing options. You can also use the camera to record videos in stunning 1080p HD.

The iPhone 4s also gives users access to Apple’s popular ecosystem. The App Store is home to thousands of apps and games, all of which have been rigorously tested for errors and malware. iCloud is one of the latest innovations from Apple and allows you to store content wirelessly and push it all of your Apple devices.