iPhone 5c


Alongside the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c was released by Apple back in fall 2013. Typically, when Apple releases a new smartphone, the previous flagship device receives a discount. However, this time Apple decided to release a new phone for a lower price point.
Taking a cue from Apple’s colorful range of iPod MP3 players, the iPhone 5c is available in 5 vibrant colors: yellow, blue, green, pink and white. The iPhone 5c is not made like metal like its 5s counterpart; this is because it would be impossible to make the color of the phone so vibrant. Despite being made of plastic, it does not feel flimsy. The steel-reinforced frame makes it sturdy and gives it a premium feel. Apple has also launched a line of colorful cases alongside the 5c which are specifically design to complement the colors of the handsets.
Beneath its colorful exterior, the iPhone 5c is powered by Apple’s mighty A6 chip. This delivers speedy processing and quick downloads. While faster processing often has an adverse impact on battery life, this is not the case with the iPhone 5c. The phone can deliver a respectable 10 hours of browsing time or 10 hours of video playback.
The iPhone 5c comes with Apple’s new iSight camera application which offers more creative options when taking photographs as it features a range of filters, square format for taking photos and a panorama mode, perfect for landscape shots. On the front of the cellphone you will find and HD FaceTime camera which is perfect for both photographs and video calls. With larger pixels and superior sensitivity in poorly it conditions, the front-facing camera is incredibly versatile.
As with any Apple product, the iPhone 5c gives you access to Apple’s popular App Store which is home to an ever-burgeoning collection of applications. One of the great things about the App Store is that all of the applications are checked by Apple before they are made available to the public, this prevents the people from accidently downloading harmful applications.