LED Televisions

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When looking at potential televisions, the chances are that you have already come across the term LED television. The following article is designed to demystify this type of television and highlight some of the best LED televisions on the market.

What Are LED Televisions?

LED televisions are the most dominant type of television on the market. These televisions feature an LCD display which is illuminated by LEDs as opposed to traditional CCFL. While some LED televisions are backlit, most LED televisions on the have LEDs arranged on the four vertices of the televisions. This latter style sport slimmer designs and are referred to as edge-lit televisions.

The Advantages of LED Televisions

  • LED televisions with local dimming can produce truer blacks than plasma televisions, their major rival.
  • LED televisions, especially those which are edge-lit are incredibly thin. This not only makes them attractive but it also makes them more practical as they are easier to fix to the wall.
  • LED technology is very efficient which means that LED televisions are both good for your wallet and the environment.

Top LED Televisions US


Although synonymous with plasma in the past, today Sony focuses predominantly on LED technology. They have an excellent range of medium to large screen televisions. Many of their latest LED TVs support 3D and have smart technology, giving viewers access to a great range of online services.


LG is the second-largest manufacturer is the television market and specializes in LED LCD TVs. They have an impressive gamut of televisions which ranges from small televisions designed for kitchens or bedrooms through to massive widescreen televisions. LG also have a growing number of 3D models which use passive 3D technology


Samsung are the leaders in the television market and have an impressive range of LED televisions that strike a balance between quality and affordability. Samsung’s real strengths lie in their LED Smart TV technology which is head and shoulders above the competition.