Nexus 9

Released fall 2014, the Nexus 9 is the latest tablet from Google. With a stunning design and awesome specs, the Nexus 9 is a great choice for those who are looking for an Android tablet.


  • New OS
  • Faster performance
  • No 16GB LTE version
  • Expensive
How Much Does It Cost?

$399.99 – $599.99

When Is It Available?

October 2014

Operating System:

Android Lollipop

Stunning Design

As opposed to the Nexus 6 smartphone, the Nexus 9 was built by HTC. The Nexus 9 features an 8.9 inch screen which makes it a great choice for those who cannot decide between a small tablet and a full-size one. The device has a great 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution screen which offers high definition and accurate colors.

The back of the device has a subtle curve and is made from a soft-grip material which makes it comfortable to hold. Although the tablet can in some cases be used with one hand, we think that it is better operated with two hands.

Taking cues from some of their successful smartphones, HTC have given the Nexus brushed metal sides and a thin bezel which make the tablet visually appealing. As well as being available in black and white, the Nexus 9 is available in a new soft sand shade.

Android Lollipop

The Nexus 9 runs on Android Lollipop straight out of the box. This updated version of the popular Android operating system promises the best software experience to date. Indeed, Android Lollipop has a number of tweaks and features which make it even better than before. One of the great features of this new operating system is that it allows for a more seamless Google experience as it permits you pick up one device where you left off on another. For example, if you were listening to a song on your Nexus 9 you could continue listening to it on your Nexus smartphone. Nexus Lollipop also has a more intuitive user interface, making it incredibly easy to use.

Great Hardware

Beneath the surface, the Nexus 9 is powered by an Nvidia K1 chipset with 64-bit architecture and 2GB of RAM for the superfast processing. This change in CPU gives the Nexus 9 better graphical prowess and makes the Nexus 9 an investment as the specs pave the way for more powerful Android programs and applications in the future.

On the back of the tablet you will find a respectable 8MP camera which is great for taking photos and is a notable upgrade on the Nexus 7’s 5MP camera. The front-facing camera has been upgraded from 1.2MP to 1.6MP.


The price of the Nexus 9 depends on how much storage size you would like and whether you want Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and LTE. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the 16GB version of the Nexus 9 with LTE connectivity. The table below outlines how pricing works on the official Google Play Store.

Storage Wi-Fi Only LTE
16GB $399.99 N/A
32GB $479.99 $599.99

*Rates verified at time of publishing but are subject to change.