Nokia Lumia 635

nokia lumia 635Building on the successes of the Nokia Lumia 630, the Nokia Lumia 635 is Nokia’s most powerful budget cellphone to date. Featuring the new Window 8.1 operating system, 4G connectivity and more, the Nokia Lumia 635 has a lot to get excited about.


Like other handsets in the Nokia Lumia series, the 635 features a neat, rounded design and is available in a range of colorful finishes. Indeed, the Nokia 635 is offered in a choice of bright colors including new orange and green shades as well as the vibrant yellow that the company has become synonymous with. If you fancy something more low-key, there are monochrome alternatives available. No matter what color you choose, all Lumia 635s has a glossy finish, giving the cellphone a premium feel.


The major attraction of the 635 is the new Windows 8.1 OS. Windows have a made a number of user interface tweaks to allow for superior user experience such as the new Word Flow text input and improved Live Tiles. Word Flow is a new text input that predicts what you are typing as you swipe your finger from letter to letter, this allows for faster and more accurate typing. Like other cellphones in the series, the Nokia Lumia 635’s homescreen comprises of Live Tiles. These are tiles of varying sizes that can be attached to a contact, app, file or a live feed which can update automatically throughout the day. The new Windows 8.1 OS gives users a better selection of square sizes to play around with and an additional column.

The Lumia 635 comes with a number of great preinstalled apps such as Nokia MixRadio and HERE Maps. The Nokia MixRadio app allows you to listen to hundreds of regularly update, continuous music mixes. In addition, you can also listen to mixes offline so you are never without music. HERE Maps is an elite navigation program that can provide directions while walking or driving and you can also use the application while offline.

Release Date and Pricing

The Nokia Lumia 635 is now available in the US. It can be bought sim-free for less than $130 or it is offered as a free phone on a number of cellphone contracts.