Samsung Galaxy Mega

samsung mega

The Samsung Galaxy is Samsung’s super-sized smartphone which is both big in size and big on features. While it is not the most recent cellphone released by the Korean tech giants, it is still a coveted handset throughout the US. For more Simply Tech Samsung reviews click here: More Samsung.


While the phablet trend in the smartphone market has seen manufacturer’s push screen sizes to the max, the Samsung Galaxy Mega’s 6.3 inch screen further blurs the lines between cellphone and tablet. The large screen combined with stunning HD resolution makes it comfortable to use the smartphone for reading eBooks and watching films.

While many worry about the practicality of using such a large smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Mega is incredibly portable as it is lightweight and comfortable to hold. In addition, like the Samsung Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Mega supports one-hand use which places a smaller version of the keyboard and dial pad in the corner of the phone, making it easier to type and dial.


Dual View allows you to take full advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Mega’s large screen by giving you the option run two apps side by side. This allows for greater productivity and superior multitasking.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega comes with S Translator preinstalled, Samsung’s latest translation application. As well as typing in words for translation, the application can also recognize and translate spoken word. Furthermore, S Translator also features an optical reader mode which uses the video feed of the phone to spot and translate any typed text, making it great for deciphering foreign menus aboard!

Previously seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Mega also features Air View. While Note series cellphones required you to use the S Pen stylus to activate it, the Mega allows you to use Air View stylus-free. By simply hovering your finger over the screen Air View can be used to preview links and messages. You can also use gestures to change the music or answer the phone.

Pricing and Buying Options

You can purchase an unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Mega for less than $440.00. You can pick up the super-size smartphone for less if you take out a contract with a wireless network. Indeed, you can get the Mega for $99.99 if you buy it from AT&T on a 2 year contract.