Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

s4 miniThe Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the firm’s best-selling cellphones to date. Indeed, with an awesome spec and great features, it is easy to see why it flew off the shelves. Since then, Samsung have been working on a range of S4 phones that have a unique twist on the original cellphone. One of these S4 spinoffs is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, which as its name suggests incorporates all the things Simply Tech love about the S4 in a smaller, more wallet friendly package.


In terms of appearance, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a scaled down version of the S4. The S4 Mini has a sturdy plastic chassis with a metal band sealing the back and front of the phone together. Unlike the S4, the S4 Mini features a smaller 4” inch screen and a bright AMOLED display. This smaller screen makes the phone more portable and easy to use.


Beneath the surface, the Samsung S4 Mini is powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. While this is a notable downgrade from the S4 flagship, the cellphone is still incredibly responsive and there is no lag. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is available in two storage sizes: 8GB and 16GB. Both versions of the cellphone come with a microSD card slot to top up on board memory. In addition, there are a range of free and paid cloud storage options which can be downloaded and used on the phone.

The S4 Mini features many of the updated features and applications which showcased on the Samsung Galaxy S4 , two examples are S Translator and S Voice. S Voice is Samsung’s take on Apple’s Siri personal assistant and allows you to control the phone using your voice. You can perform a whole range of tasks using S Voice such as setting a reminder or sending a text message. S Translator is Samsung’s new translation application and is definitely one of the best translation applications out there. S Translator can translate speech, text input and you can even use the camera to translate printed text.

Pricing and Buying Options

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is now available for purchase throughout the USA both unlocked and on a contract. You can buy an unlocked version of the S4 Mini for around $300.00.