Samsung OLED Curved TV


Samsung were one of the first companies to spot the potential of curved displays and have developed two televisions which combine the advantages of a curved display with OLED technology. As opposed to LED screens which rely on backlighting, the pixels in an OLED display are self-illuminating. This allows for superior definition and richer colors, especially during dark scenes!

UHD HU8700 Series Smart TV

This television is the cheaper out of the two OLED curved televisions made by Samsung but still falls into the premium sector of the television market as the RRP for the 65” model is $5,499.99. The curved screen creates a panorama effect, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience. As 4K technology is still in its infancy, there is not much content available. However, Samsung have tackled this problem by incorporating UHD up scaling technology which upgrades HD, SD and Full HD standard content into stunning near-4K quality.

UHD 4K HU9000 Series Smart TV

This is Samsung’s most premium curved OLED television. It is available in a choice of three sizes: 55”, 65” and 78”. The 65” version of this television is priced at $5,999.99. The television incorporates a range of sophisticated technologies for the ultimate viewing experience. Precision black local dimming darkens individual OLED pixels which allows for superior contrast and truer blacks. Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology reproduces a wider spectrum of colors, creating more vivid visuals.