Smart TVs

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One of the latest developments in the television industry is Smart Televisions. As the ‘smart’ in their name suggests, smart televisions are capable of doing more than a standard television. The following article will outline the features that differentiate smart televisions and highlight some of the top smart televisions on the market at the moment.

What is ‘smart’ about smart televisions?

In its simplest form, a smart television is one that connects to the internet either using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port and grants viewers access to whole range of online services. In the past, Smart functionality was limited to mid-range and high-end televisions, now even some cheap televisions feature online functionality.

Smart features vary from model to model, but here are some of internet-based functions that you can expect to find on a smart television:

Video streaming: perhaps the most attractive feature of smart televisions is that they allow viewers to stream content from the web on their television. Many smart televisions come pre-loaded with apps to popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Social media: smart televisions also allow users to download and use social media applications, such as Skype and Facebook. Some high-end smart televisions have webcams and microphones which allow you to video chat with friends and family.

Browsing the web: you can also use a smart television to browse the internet.

Games: you can also use smart televisions to play web-based games.

Top Smart Televisions US

LG Smart TVs

LGs gamut of smart televisions often top the polls. This owes much to the fact that the user interface is incredibly simple to use, making it accessible for the whole family. One of their best-selling models is the LG 42LS570T which is a 42 inch HD television with a very attractive price of $370.00

Samsung Smart TVs

Another popular contender in the smart TV market is Samsung. The Samsung Smart Hub organizes content into 5 home screens to prevent it from appearing cluttered and includes S Recommendation, an intuitive recommendation feature that makes bespoke recommendations by carefully monitoring viewing behavior. The 40-inch Samsung UE40F6400 is one of their most popular smart TVs.

Panasonic Smart TVs

Panasonic has an impressive range of smart televisions and their home screen is highly customizable which differentiates their brand of smart televisions from their competitors. If you are considering getting a Panasonic smart television, be sure to check out the 60 inch flagship Panasonic TX-P60ZT65.