Summer and Fall Releases 2014


Amazon Fire Phone/ Amazon 3D Smartphone
Following the release of their successful line of tablet PCs, there has been plenty of speculation regarding an Amazon cellphone. One of the most exciting things about the Fire Phone is its 3D interface, dubbed Dynamic Perspective by the shopping giant. Using cameras and LEDs placed on the front of the phone, Dynamic Perspective tracks the position of the users head, allowing them to control the phone seamlessly by using head motions. The Fire Phone will also showcase Amazon’s new shopping application Firefly. Using the camera on the rear of the phone, Firefly can recognise products and take you to them in the Amazon store. In addition, it can be also used to extract numbers and text from printed documents and can be used to identify audio from a number of sources including, live television, films and music.

Samsung Galaxy F / Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime
Following the lead of HTC and others who have launched a supersize iteration of their flagship cellphones, it is expected that Samsung will do the same with their 2014 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. The official name is yet to be announced, however, it is suspected that it will be called the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime or the Samsung Galaxy F. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will have a metal body, straying from Samsung’s trademark plastic designs, and will feature a 5.3 inch screen with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. In terms of price, it is reasonable to assume that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will cost more than the Samsung Galaxy S5 in order to reflect its premium design and superior specification. The upcoming cell phone is set for release mid-August.

Microsoft ‘McLaren’
A series of leaks have revealed that Microsoft is working on its first Microsoft Surface smartphone which is currently codenamed Microsoft McLaren. According to leaked documents, the design and specification of the Microsoft McLaren suggests that it is going to become the successor of the popular Nokia Lumia 1020 which is currently the flagship high-end Windows Phone. One of the major innovations of the McLaren smartphone is that it will have an intuitive user interface which incorporates the technology used in Microsoft’s gesture-based Kinect. Such gesture based commands include answering the phone automatically when the user puts their phone to their ear. The rumours reveal that the upcoming McLaren will be available from Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T as early as fall 2014.