Sony Xperia Z3 v Google Nexus 6


Google Nexus 6

One of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014 is Google’s successor to the Nexus 5, potentially called the Nexus 6. While nothing official has been released yet, it is expected that the Nexus 6 will be larger than its predecessor with a 5.5 inch display which will keep it in line with the phablet trend. In terms of capability, the Nexus 6 will sport a new incarnation of the Android operating system and may be the first Google phone to feature 64-bit architecture, pitting it against Apple’s iPhone 5s. The Nexus 6 is set to hit the shelves in October or November, just in time for Christmas and to prevent clashing head-on with the releases from Apple and Samsung. It is supposed that Google will be selling their next flagship cellphone for $349.

Sony Xperia Z3
The Sony Xperia Z series has enjoyed considerable commercial success. Despite the fact that the Z2 was only released earlier this year, according to some sources, the Xperia Z2’s successor, the Sony Xperia Z3, could be available as early as August. However, a September release seems more likely. The next cellphone from Sony is rumoured to have a 20.7 megapixel camera and potentially a Snapdragon 805 processor complete with 3GB of RAM. In terms of display, it is expected that the Sony Xperia Z3 will feature the same 5.2 inch screen as its predecessor or something slightly larger. However, reports are divided as to whether the display will be Full-HD or Quad-HD resolution.