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tv packages

With so many providers and deals available, customers in the US are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a television package. While choice improves competition, leading to better bargains for customers, too wide a selection can also make it more difficult to work out which TV package is best for you. The following article is designed to make decision easier by outlining what to look out for when comparing packages and highlighting major competitors in the TV package market.

Types of TV Package

In the US, TV packages can be broken down into two main categories: cable television and satellite televisions. Out of the two options, cable television has the best signal quality as the nature of a cable connection means that it is not adversely affected by bad weather. However, cable television is significantly more expensive than satellite television and at the moment it is not available everywhere in the US.

Satellite television is the cheaper of the two TV package options and is the most widely available. However, there are some drawbacks associated with satellite television. Although it does not happen often, satellite television can be disrupted by poor weather. In addition, satellite television requires you to have a satellite dish installed onto the side of your house.

Things to Look Out For

Save big on with TV bundles: if you are planning on upgrading other services at the same time you change your TV package, such as broadband or landline, why not purchase a bundle deal? These types of packages combine to costs of digital television, line rental and broadband for a single monthly fee. Not only does this make your bills easier to manage, but it often works out cheaper than taking out a number of different contracts with various providers.

Contract length: another important factor that you will need to take into account when comparing the various TV packages out there is how long you would like the contract to be. Generally speaking, longer contracts tend to sport lower monthly fees. However, tying yourself into a long contract can be quite risky as you may find a better deal elsewhere before the contract is up. Although it is possible to switch television providers, you will often be penalized for it through an early termination fee.

Incentives and offers: as there is so much competition in the TV market, many providers will try to win your custom by throwing in special offers and free gifts to their package deals. Indeed, some companies give new customers set-top boxes or premium channel trials to entice them.

Channel range: comparing channel range is not simply a matter of seeing which company offers the most channels for the lowest price; it is more of a case of seeing which provider has a range of channels which best suits your viewing preference. If you are looking for a package that offers international channels, you will find that satellite television boasts the best selection.

Compare prices: when looking at the various television packages available to you, it is important that you compare prices as these can vary considerably from company to company. However, comparing prices is not a simple matter of seeing who charges the lowest monthly fee. You will also need to take into other factors such as installation fees or how much the price increases after the introductory offer period expires.

Comparison of Top Package TV Providers US

Provider Satellite or Cable? Cheapest Package Bundle Options Available? Incentives
Comcast Cable Cable $29.99 p/m Yes Prepaid MasterCardHBO and HBO Go
Cox Cable Cable $24.99 p/m Yes Free HD2TB Hard drive
Time Warner Cable Cable $29.99 p/m Yes HBO and HBO Go TWC TVLook Back
AT&T Cable Cable $19.00 p/m Yes Total Home DVR
DirecTV Satellite $24.99 p/m No Free Genie upgradeFree NFL ticketsSports channels
Dish Network Satellite $19.99 p/m No Premium channel trialsFree hopperFree HD

Free installation